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Solve Your Problems with Hypnotherapy in Crawley

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Hypnotherapy Crawley: About Me

Anxiety and negative thought processes can be huge deterrents that can derail your regular life. You may feel that you are slowly losing control over your life or analysing every action
according to other people’s judgements. Though psychological therapy is the most sought-after remedy for reducing anxiety, you can try hypnotherapy as well. Shaun Lyon’s Therapy can be a reliable source to get help from an expert.

At Shaun Lyon’s Therapy, you can get my guidance in reducing the ill effects of anxiety and depression. I am a trained hypnotherapist in Crawley, having experience working with various clients over the years. At my session, you can wind down, relax and focus deeply on the problem. I can create a channel of communication with your subconscious self. Here you can express your concerns confidently to me, and I will ensure that the fangs of anxiety do not bother you again.

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Types of Hypnotherapy I Offer In Crawley

As a professional hypnotherapist, I can guarantee you complete assistance in overcoming unhelpful thoughts and belief systems. Below, I talk about my expertise as a professional hypnotherapist.


It is my main area of practice, where you can get proper assistance in removing negative thought patterns. I can help prevent thoughts that can capture your natural thought processes. You will feel more confident about yourself and remove the notions of self-doubt that have been affecting you for long. With my help, you can visualise positive things that will reduce the chances of getting affected by a panic attack.


The term depression is sometimes wrongly related to mental disorders. However, in reality, the two are much different and need to be treated differently. If you feel depressed, you can participate in one of my sessions. You can relax, be in your best form and tell me more about the shackles you currently face. This can be highly helpful in eliminating both physical and mental discomforts.


Unexplainable addiction to any kind of substance can be injurious to your physical and mental health. To reduce the effects of addiction, you can attend one of my hypnotherapy sessions in Crawley. I will make sure that you feel comfortable
about sharing your feelings and establish proper communication with your subconscious mind. This will be highly helpful in reducing the habitual patterns of consumption of the substances.


It is a kind of anxiety disorder that controls your current thoughts according to a past incident of trauma or fear. The phobia may work in many forms, the most popular of which is an undefined fear of certain objects or situations. While collaborating in hypnosis, I can reach your subconscious mind and create a communication channel to address the issues properly.

Self Awareness

If you feel that you are too obsessed about how you look or present
yourself in public, you are suffering from increased self-consciousness. It may hamper your confidence levels and generate negative thoughts later on. With hypnotherapy in Crawley, you can communicate the issues well and free yourself from others’ judgements.


With proper hypnotherapy sessions, you can get rid of the issue of lower confidence. This is a therapy that may take some time and generate proper results in the long run. I can come to your help to make you feel more confident about life. You can experience increased self-belief while making major decisions in your life. You will feel more comfortable about your appearance in the social realm
and break the chain of unhelpful thoughts.

Limiting Beliefs

A proper belief system is an important requirement for your daily life. If you feel it is limited by some invisible bounds, you must address it with hypnotherapy in Crawley. With my expert assistance, you can gain more control over these unwanted responses. It can also help eliminate unhelpful thought processes and improve latent belief systems.

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Get Help Today!

Do not let the negative thoughts and anxiety fangs ruin your life. Get help from a reliable source of hypnotherapy in Crawley from Shaun Lyons Therapy. By collaborating with me, you can get full control over your life and say goodbye to the thoughts that have been affecting you for a long time. If you have any queries regarding the session details, cost and assistance, you can always contact me. I will be happy to address your concern and provide you with quality assistance.

Hypnotherapy Crawley: About Me
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