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Success Stories: Testimonials

Shaun has been amazing to work with! With his help I have been able to deal with past trauma I never previously wanted to face, which has lead to me becoming a much happier person and approach life with a completely different mindset. His support throughout the process has been marvellous and I cannot thank him enough for all his hard work! I would recommend his work to anybody.
Thank you Shaun, you saved my life!

Abbie, Haywards Heath, UK

Thank you so much Shaun for giving me my life back.
Finally feel I'm in control with a much more positive outlook.
Shaun is an incredibly talented man at what he does and not only that one of the nicest, kindest men I've ever met.
I look forward to my future, happier with far more clarity without my past trying to ruin what's to come. I'm forever thankful I've met you Shaun.

Adi, East Grinstead, UK

Shaun is amazing! Goes above and beyond for his clients completely changed my life. He’s always there checking in to support you.
One session is all it took with Shaun after seeing another guy previously to Shaun for 3 years to one session with Shaun. Amazing results in such a short time bring on the future

Liam, Crawley, UK

Shaun Lyons I want to thank you for the amazing experience I had with you today. I was apprehensive about going through with therapy as I had no idea what to expect, however I cannot thank you enough.. and to anyone feeling stuck in a rut, struggling to make the changes needed or just needing a bit of help I highly recommend Shaun. 

He was really easy to talk too, had the upmost empathetic and caring approach whilst also sharing life experiences ( I found this really helpful) I spent 3 hours with him, time was not an issue and didn’t feel rushed at-all. 

I went to places I didn’t know still existed, I had never experienced hypnosis and I can only describe it as a massive weight lifted from my head- I immediately felt a massive sense of relief ( hard to put into words) 

I am feeling positive and uplifted and I am looking forward to seeing the changes I have made and will continue to make, the 28 day aftercare is also a massive reassurance and the support has already been overwhelming. 

You are amazing at what you do and I thank you so much for helping me see myself in a much more positive and healthier perspective. 

Thank you x

Louise, Haywards Heath, UK

Thank you so much Shaun for helping me with my panic attacks, since seeing you life has become so good, I now feel like I am in control and living life again. I would highly recommend Shaun to anyone struggling, he is amazing at what he does and I can't thank him enough.

Terry, London, UK

I recently had the pleasure of working with Shaun, a truly exceptional hypnotherapist.

His kind demeanour and willingness to offer his time outside of our session created a comfortable and trusting environment.

He helped me navigate through my issues with great care and professionalism.

I highly recommend Shaun to anyone seeking a compassionate and skilled hypnotherapist.

Richard, Cuckfield, UK

I highly recommend Shaun. He is attentive, empathetic, and has provided me with invaluable support, something I have not experienced to this extent with previous therapists. His guidance has helped me navigate challenges and achieve personal growth. I am grateful for his expertise and taking this new approach is helping me really dig into areas I didn’t know had affected me to the extent they had.

Thomas, Haywards Heath, UK

Can’t thank Shaun enough for helping me through his hypnotherapy session. He tailored the session to my exact needs and sent me away with my own personal recording to listen to after a very powerful one to one session. I highly highly recommend this to anyone feeling any form of anxiety or depression 👍

Jake, Haywards Heath, UK

I can highly recommend Shaun and the 28 day programme. He has helped me work through immense challenges and has done so in an environment where I have felt safe to be myself. I have felt fully supported on my journey and have felt his empathy and non judgement throughout the entire process. I am feeling so positive and now have the tools and a better and stronger mindset which I will be forever thankful for! Thank you x

Kelly, Hertfordshire, UK

I saw Shaun a few months ago and since then he has helped me in so many ways not only did the actual hypnotherapy help me he is so supportive with regular calls and messages checking up I really recommend him
He is also just such a lovely person

Megan, Burgess Hill, UK

Shaun is a very thoughtful and caring individual who goes the extra mile to ensure you are ok outside of his face to face sessions.

I felt very comfortable when meeting and speaking to Shaun and he has really helped me and the way I think about my actions which ultimately lead to the issues I face.

I would highly recommend Shaun to anyone who is looking for therapy to overcome any issues in their life.

Callum, Hurstpierpoint, UK

It was fantastic to meet Shaun and have a session in person with him. I was hibernating with my long standing problem with motivation, I didn’t know how to go about resolving the issue. Shaun did a wonderful session and I listened to his audio. In spite of being a mental health professional myself, I did not know how to deal with my own problem, although I never had any kind of professional problem when it came to dealing with my own clients. This goes well with the common saying “we can’t see our own back”!!!. Thanks a million Shaun. You are a star therapist.

Raj, Haywards Heath, UK

1st ever hypnotherapy session, I had struggled with my weight for years but after one session with Shaun I have a whole new outlook on food and life, I have so far lost over 11/2 stone in approximately 5 weeks , I have not been dieting, just feel in total control of my life and body thanks to Shaun .l would definitely recommend!

Darren, Eastbourne, UK

Shaun is exceptional enthusiastic about what he does and it's obvious he cares hugely about his profession and more importantly, his clients. Would definitely recommend.

Adam, Newick, UK

Highly recommend Shaun. He has an infectious positivity and is brilliant at what he does. he has really helped and has a genuine desire to want to help people.

Cindy, Burgess Hill, UK

Shaun helped me with anxiety at the start of year and its been really goods for me. I have noticed a really positive change in how i approach certain situations that would of been to much for me to handle in the past. His Hypnotherapy works and i would recommend speaking to him.

Mary, Horsham, UK

Shaun has been life changing in my on going journey of depression and anxiety. I’ve spoken to many counsellors over the years and he’s in a unique category of people who cut the BS and talk to you on a level. Despite appearing to have everything, I was in a dark place and I owe a lot to Shaun for his mentorship ❤️

Charlie, Uckfield, UK

I did Shaun’s “Accepting The Authentic Self” Plan and so did my partner individually. I can’t believe the change in ourselves. I urge everyone to do this! A happy person is a happy person to be around. Thank you so much Shaun for everything you’ve done to help me, my partner, and my partner and I. Our individual awareness has been unbelievable and has helped us in more ways than we can describe. We’ve had the best time recently spending quality time, talking and understanding each other. It’s made us feel closer than ever, and feels like a fresh relationship. I will be forever grateful for this. 
Thank you Shaun.

Ben, Burgess Hill, UK

Working with Shaun has been amazing for me. He’s really helped me work on my awareness, my anxiety and one of the most important things for me, grounding. I’m now able to catch myself when certain thought patterns or behaviours are creeping in….. and I’m able to recognise and manage them so much better now. He also helped me become more self accepting and to just let myself just be me, something I didn’t realise was so important for my own happiness. Thank you Shaun forever grateful 🙏🏼 x

Jessica, Burgess Hill, UK

Shaun has been great for me and my confidence, I see him at least once a month. He really opened my eyes to certain behaviours I had been receiving from family members and work colleagues, I couldn’t see it at the time but I was allowing them to manipulate me and make me feel worthless. Shaun helped me deal with theses toxic relationships by showing me how to understand them and set boundaries, boundaries that I now wish I knew a long time ago. Thank you Shaun.

Warren, Brighton, UK

Shaun is professional and empathetic and has the experience to assist those requiring the help that is needed.

Richard, Epsom, UK

Shaun is a great person to work with, he is a truly empathetic and caring person who has a real drive for helping others - this is clear to see when speaking with him.

He is someone who I will continue to work with for the foreseeable 👌

Liam, Brighton, UK

Very happy with outcome, Shaun after 3 sessions has truly helped my anxiety around health and getting older. He was so understanding and easy to talk to. RTT is definitely something i would do again if required.

Tina, Crawley, UK

You can not fault Shaun one bit in his passion and motivation to help people. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs that helping hand or just someone to talk through with. Thanks Shaun

Dan, Brighton, UK

I’m so grateful for Shaun’s help with my teenager son.
My son has been suffering emotionally since our family break up and subsequently we are in the process of divorcing.
Unfortunately, my son completely derailed entirely and sadly had been permanently excluded from school due to his behaviour. I myself was at a total loss as to what to do to help him.
Our lives just continued to go from bad to worse!
A friend highly recommended shaun to me as he had been providing counselling to her son.
I thought, well, at this point we had nothing to lose and gave him a call explaining our situation.
Shaun was so easy to talk to, I felt comfortable with telling him the good, the bad and the ugly side of everything.
They quickly built up a relationship and my son will talk about Shaun often in our conversations.
My son is now doing so much better - in fact, with having the continuity of seeing Shaun weekly and him being able to have that one to one personal and safe time to speak about anything and everything that may have happened that week - I’d say he’s back on track and I feel I have my little boy back! However, my son’s therapy will be ongoing for however long he feels he needs it.
We are so grateful to Shaun - I genuinely, highly recommend him!

Stacey, Burgess Hill, UK

Shaun has been great to work with to help quit smoking for good. There were various triggers that continued to give me problems with smoking, and the hypnotherapy and follow up calls and messages have really helped. I'm a lot more confident that I will stay off the cigarettes from now thanks to Shaun Lyons.

George, Lindfield, UK

I am 64 years old and I have spent my whole life scared of thunder storms and loud noise. I thought what have I got to lose I'll try hypnotherapy. Before I started I was very sceptical. I made an appointment with shaun, he is friendly and understanding, and he has helped me enormously. I would recommend Shaun he has certainly enabled me to be calmer more positive, I now have the tools to deal with my issues. ie hypnosis.
I would rate Shaun as excellent.

Matthew, Worthing, UK

I needed some help to quit my one to two bottles of wine a day habit that had gradually, over a four year period, got out of control. Although still fully functioning day to day and job wise, both my physical and mental health was suffering under the surface. I hated who I had become - the ‘secret’ drinker, hiding empty wine bottles, the impact my actions were having on those living with me.

I had tried various phone Apps and purchased copious amounts of ‘Quit Lit’ books and resources to help me with my alcohol consumption, which did not work for me. The longest time I went without alcohol was four to five days, after which I felt great and then always went back to drinking. I also sought private CBT but found it easy to not discuss my drinking habits at all and, looking back, I was basically lying my way through these £70/week appointments, not being true to myself at all as it was easier to just talk about other things instead.

I had tried hypnotherapy in the past years ago for something else with good effect so one evening I contacted several close to where I lived but, even once hearing back from them offering me an appointment, I just didn’t feel they were right for me - they appeared too clinical, listing their qualifications in various degrees and I generally just wasn’t feeling it.

I then found Shaun’s website and what instantly appealed to me was his openness with regards to his own past experiences in his ‘About Me’ section of his website. He contacted me via both email and text the next day offering me a free chat which we arranged. When Shaun rang me I instantly knew he was the therapist for me. The way he spoke was honest, reassuring and he radiated a profound genuineness and authenticity like no other. Following his phonecall and subsequent booking onto his ‘Addiction Treatment Plan’, I felt calm, motivated and a strong sense that I will be okay. 

The evening before my first session with Shaun, I’d stupidly had a big drinking session - my mindset was that it was (hopefully) going to be my last ever alcohol so I had made it  one last big blow out. This resulted in arguments with those living with me and again, I woke to the familiar feelings of hangover, anxiety and failure. I arrived at Shaun’s and he met me outside, I was nervous but he instantly put me at ease. We spoke a long time before the hypnotherapy session and he answered all my questions and relieved my anxieties. 

Throughout the hypnotherapy session I felt completely in control and very safe with Shaun. We had plenty of time to talk afterwards and he sent me a personalised audio immediately to my phone to listen to daily. Despite it being a Sunday Shaun was definitely not clock watching like previous therapists I had experienced. I came away from the appointment feeling calm, energised, amazed, with a feeling of lightness and that life made sense again for the first time in years. When I got home I slept for a few hours and felt completely rested and calm. 

The support from Shaun I have received following the hypnotherapy session has been incredible. The first few days I struggled a lot with anxiety, depression and even a full blown panic attack. Shaun was there with me via messages and also phone calls helping me through  these first few days of unfamiliar territory being sober instead of numbing my feelings.

I am now 14 days sober, the longest I’ve been alcohol free in 4 years. I listen to the audio daily and I regularly speak and see Shaun as part of the 28 day support included in the price. It’s early days but I am confident that, with Shaun’s ongoing support, that I have now entered permanent sobriety. Would highly recommend Shaun as your therapist.

Dianne, Horsham, UK

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