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Lift the Black Clouds and Unlock a Brighter Future with Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove

What if life didn’t have to be a constant series of battles with depression, chronic stress, addiction, and anxiety? 

What if the key to your recovery has always been deep in your subconscious mind, and all you needed was the help of a hypnotherapist to find it and unlock your future?

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If you have started to notice negative thought patterns or behaviours are taking their toll on your relationships,psychological and physical well-being, and professional potential, and you are looking to break the cycle once and for all, hypnotherapy is the perfect holistic tool. All too often, we can get into the trap of treating the symptom, such as panic attacks, insomnia, or addiction, instead of finding the source of the problem and cutting it out, root and stem. 

Life will always throw a certain degree of uncertainty our way; the world is full of daunting unknowns; but by enlisting the help of a rapid transformational therapy trained (RTT) hypnotherapist, you can start to feel like you’re back in the driving seat once again and start aiming towards the destinations you have always wanted to reach.

As a trained RTT hypnotherapist in Brighton & Hove, I have helped countless clients to regain their confidence and leave their sense of alienation and detachment from society in the rear-view mirror.

Hypnotherapy Brighton and Hove: About

Depression and anxiety can all too easily deplete joy, hope, and pleasure in what we used to enjoy; if you want to regain what has been lost along the way, book your first appointment with Shaun. As a certified and experienced hypnotherapist, I follow tried and tested methods to give my clients a step-by-step guide towards the goals they want to reach.

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Hypnotherapy Brighton and Hove: About

RTT Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Brighton & Hove 

Whether you have started to experience panic attacks, noticed that anxious thoughts are starting to ebb away at your confidence in the workplace, or your anxious attachment style is starting to become a burden in your relationships, in the space of 1 – 3 sessions with Shaun Lyons Therapy, you will start embracing an anxiety-free future. 

By using proven hypnotherapy methods, together, we can discover the anxiety triggers and patterns that lie deep within the subconscious mind before challenging negative and dysfunctional thought patterns and providing bespoke coping strategies. 

Traditional talking therapies and CBT may be the go-to psychological treatments for anxiety, but without delving into your subconscious while you experience a deep relaxation session, it is almost impossible to find the real root causes. Once they have been discovered, you will gain an awareness of what has been holding you back, along with visualisation techniques and other tools that will empower you with a newfound sense of control over your life, thought patterns and emotions. 

At Shaun Lyons Therapy, I approach my work with compassion, empathy and a complete understanding of how debilitating anxiety and panic disorders can be. I provide a 100% judgement-free space where you can work through your issues in confidence with my confidentiality and unconditional support.

If you are looking for a drug-free route to a calmer and more confident life, book a free consultation with Shaun today.

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RTT Hypnotherapy for Depression Brighton & Hove 

Unresolved traumas can be the biggest contributors to depression. While it is expected that we will all experience low points that are reflected in our moods, no one should endure the persistent sadness, lack of energy, and feelings of worthlessness that depression can subject us to.

If untreated, episodes of clinical depression can last years. RTT hypnotherapy can stop depressive episodes in their tracks and reduce or eliminate repeated episodes for good. 

If you have noticed that you’re not as excited about life as you used to be, the changes in your appetite are fluctuating at an unhealthy rate, you feel that you are mentally slowing down and the simplest tasks seem daunting or overwhelming, these are all clear signs a psychological intervention is required. 

I have helped many Brighton & Hove residents to work through their underlying issues, improve self-esteem and self-worth, and counter the negative thought patterns associated with depression with positive ones. I understand that everyone’s experience with depression is unique, which is why I strive to make my client’s treatment plans as unique as they are.

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Hypnotherapy Brighton and Hove: Services

Hypnotherapy for Freedom from Fears and Phobias 

No matter how irrational your fear or phobia is, it will always be taken seriously at Shaun Lyons Therapy. Hypnotherapy is one of the most common complementary treatments for specific fears; over the years, I have helped my clients overcome fears of social situations, flying, and animals they have developed negative associations with. 

During hypnotherapy sessions, you will be desensitised to stimuli through imagery techniques before negative associations are reframed, and positive emotions towards the stimuli are anchored.

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Hypnotherapy for Addiction Recovery Brighton & Hove 

In the 21st century, addiction can take many forms, from social media addiction to drug & alcohol addiction to gambling addiction to food addiction. Whether your addiction is substance-related or behavioural, RTT hypnotherapy helps clients to take back control over their lives. By finding the root cause of the addiction, for instance trauma or chronic stress, I allow my clients to see why and how the addiction started and provide them with a clean slate with no voids to fill. 

While many addiction recovery programmes start with abstinence, I recognise that for a truly fresh start, the subconscious triggers need to be addressed first before any meaningful and permanent changes can be implemented. 

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Hypnotherapy Brighton and Hove: Services

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