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Analysing the Major Differences Between NLP and Hypnotherapy

When finding reliable treatments for anxiety and depression, you will probably come across various suggestions. Some will suggest visiting a counsellor, while some may recommend hypnotherapy. Along with judging the success rate of a specific treatment, you must ensure whether it is suitable for you.

The Available Treatments for Anxiety and Depression

If you want to treat anxiety and other mental discomforts with hypnotherapy, you will probably come across another popular treatment: NLP. You may observe a constant comparison between these two. As a result, you might ask the obvious question: Which is more effective among the two?

Differences Between NLP and Hypnotherapy

To give you an idea, we analyse the factors between hypnotherapy and NLP in the following section. You will find important information regarding the two processes, which will help you make an informed decision and choose the perfect option.

Defining Hypnotherapy in Detail

Hypnotherapy can be explained as a safe and effective treatment. A hypnotherapist must access the subject's mind to send subliminal messages. These help in altering individual behaviour patterns. In hypnotherapy, you may revisit the root cause of a fear or anxiety. A professional hypnotherapist makes the patient realise that the fear should not control their mind.

The Definition and Nature of NLP

NLP is the abbreviation of the Neuro-Linguistic Programme. It is also an effective therapy that can change our regular thought patterns. The therapist observes the behaviour pattern of the subject and suggests some modifications. This includes the style of speaking and changing regular behaviour. It is a proven method for curing various problems, from phobias and depression to PTSD.

While looking at the differences between the two therapies, you might find a recurrent pattern. While NLP treats the symptoms, hypnotherapy analyses these symptoms and attempts to find the main cause behind this pattern. Along with these treatments, you can try a collaborative approach with the help of CBT and psychotherapy.

In NLP, you will have an in-depth conversation about the problem. The therapist will work on changing your behaviour for good and the usual thought patterns. This helps eliminate negative thought patterns. On the contrary, hypnotherapy will start a conversation about the problem and try to get rid of it from your system. As a result, you will know why you acted in that manner and have a conviction that you won't commit the same problem again.

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