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Hypnotherapy For Anxiety - What Is The Effectiveness Of The Treatment?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Anxiety is a slow process that has built up over time and creates intense emotional impact on the individual's life. Many people feel anxiety is just a state of mind; however, over time, anxiety can cause chronic heart disease, high blood pressure levels, high diabetes levels and physical changes in the body.

Hence an individual experiencing anxiety must visit a hypnotic therapist for proper treatment. Anxiety is a state of mind where the individual will suffer daily and struggle to create a positive environment around them. Hypnotherapy for anxiety - does it work? This question lingers in the mind of every individual suffering from this state of mind.

Read on to get more insights on the same.

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety
Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

Definition of Anxiety

Anxiety is the natural response of the mind and body to any stress and survival difficulties. This state of mind makes an individual alert towards a dangerous situation. However, when the level of stress increases, the brain generally starts to visualise imaginary situations and prepares the hormones to fight against the same.

Anxiety is a long process. The condition doesn't build up in a day. Gradually you will start feeling emotionally disturbed. Some noticeable symptoms include panic, sudden stomach cramping, vomiting and sweating, difficulty in sleeping, and consistent chest pains. A person suffering from anxiety will feel afraid of unforeseen events. This disturbs their regular life balance.

Three types of anxiety disorders

Generalised disorder

People suffering from this type of anxiety are disturbed and updated on every situation respective to the existence of the same. They are generally facts in a negative mindset and start imagining things which are not real.

Panic disorder

This type of anxiety arises in people who face high levels of panic. They are situation-specific,and when the individual comes in touch with such a situation, physical symptoms like stomach cramps, nausea and high heart rates are experienced. These physical symptoms make life difficult for the individual.

Social disorder

An individual suffering from social anxiety is generally afraid of interacting in social situations. For them, social gatherings, public speaking, speaking and dealing with people can get difficult.

How can hypnotherapy help patients suffering from anxiety?

Hypnotherapists generally start the sessions in a solution-focused conversational way. This is a powerful combination of talking therapy sessions with hypnosis. During the initial phase, the therapist tries to understand the symptoms and causes of anxiety. Then further in the second stage, they explain to the patients that anxiety is the response of the brain to stress.

With the help of hypnotherapy sessions, the therapist tries to analyse the two parts of the brain. Generally, a human brain has two parts, namely the intellectual and the primitive part. Both parts are affected by high anxiety levels. With the help of hypnotherapy, internal anxiety and stress can be naturally mitigated. The patient gets a new perspective on life that helps them cope with stress and negativity.

Contact Shaun Lyons Therapy if you're suffering from stress and anxiety. A qualified hypnotherapist can help you eliminate your negative feelings and help you recover from such situations.

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